Most Popular Mousse

Most Popular Mousse
Original MOUSSE

Creamy, velvety and rich; Every quality you'd wish for in your future spouse. To add greatness, it's topped with Chessman cookies.

Single or family box of 4 containers.

Birthday MOUSSE

To get that party started, there's chunks of butter cake and rainbow sprinkles dunked into original. What's a party without confetti? who knows!

Sweet Potato MOUSSE

If you love homemade sweet potato pie, look no further! This is exactly what grandma ordered.


Fruity Pebbles SHAKE

The ultimate cereal shake. Prepared with vanilla ice cream, multi berry extracts and whipped cream. Decorated cup must be ordered.

Cookies & Cream SHAKE

The familiar SHAKE. Prepared with Oreo cookies, chocolate drizzle and whipped cream. Decorated cup must be ordered.

Birthday SHAKE

Taste just like a cake shake. Prepared with cake pieces, rainbow sprinkles and whipped cream. Decorated cup must be ordered.


Our Story

Banana Mousse was established in 2015, in the city of brotherly love, by a mother-daughter duo. When the daughter decided that college wasn't for her, mom went on a mission to show her daughter just how difficult entrepreneurship is. For the next 30 days, they would rise at 3 am to prepare batches of Banana Mousse. Early afternoon, they would drive around giving away free samples to people around the city until the 100 samples were gone.

Today, they have their very own store location at 5602 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139.

It's a Philly foodie thing!

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Welcome to Banana Mousse in West Philadelphia where we serve milkshakes, mousse desserts, ice cream, and specialty shakes! We're not far from Malcolm X Park and Christy Rec Center. Order online for carryout!
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